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Our goal is for our students to reach their potential and we will provide all of our available resources so that they can acheive this goal.


One of these resources is video.  We would be remiss if we did not embrace video technology with our training.  We have the ability to stop a lesson and provide immediate feedback to our students to make corrections.  This is extremely useful, especially when a student says they feel like they are doing something, but in effect are actually doing the opposite.  The adage "feel ain't real" is often a reality for goalies and it takes that visual feedback to truly make necessary corrections.

All of our lessons are posted to our YouTube page as it is important for students to not only give 100% effort and 100% attention to the on ice session, but the same effort and attention to reviewing their video.

In addition to our YouTube page, we post clips of drills and game video on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Please visit these sites with the following links,

Goalie Dr YouTube page

Goalie Dr Facebook page

Coach Matt Instagram page
Coach Mitch Instagram page

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